Learn more about the product and the great features on the Actio platform

Access from anywhere

Based in the cloud, Actio is accessible from anywhere at any time. All you need is an internet connection and web browser.

Easy idea capture

Quick and easy capture of ideas in their relevant business category.

Approval flow to manage priorities

Ideas are progressed through approval stages to make sure the right ideas are focused on and prioritised.


Milestones are included to break ideas down into manageable chunks, and to help monitor progress.

Alerts and reminders

Personalised reminders and alerts to make sure ideas don’t slip through the cracks and you meet your deadlines.

Personal dashboard

Personal dashboards drive ownership and provide clarity of expectations.


It’s easy to track progress across the business without having to schedule meetings or catch-ups.


It’s easy to track progress on what’s important across the entire business in real time and easy to monitor relative performance by business category, as well as the pipeline of ideas.

Value and risk focus

Ideas are captured and either categorised on their potential value to the business or if they are business critical.

When to use Actio.

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