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Why Actio

Actio focuses the entire business around achieving it’s goals and priorities in a single platform

Business isn't easy and keeping track of everything is a challenge. Important things slip as a result, true priorities sometimes get lost and good work is not always recognised. Actio helps to ensure all the great ideas from people across the entire business are captured, prioritised and delivered. It is designed to focus your business on what it's going to do, and make sure it gets done.


Ideas are easily presented by everyone in the business, captured and acted on.

Real Time Visibility

It’s easy to prioritise & track progress on what’s important across your people and the key functions of the entire business in real time.

Clarity & Accountability

People are clear what is expected of them. Clear accountability & ownership drives engagement, delivery & recognition.

Productivity & Growth

Achieve more and make business better by ensuring people are focused on what really matters.

How it works

A business wide view of all value generating and business critical activities

Ideas and activities are captured and collated based on their business categories and prioritised through the approval flow. Progress is easily tracked across the entire business using the reporting tools. Alerts and reminders are built in to make sure things don’t slip through the cracks.

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Idea capture

Ideas are easily captured and organised based on relevant business categories.


Ideas are quickly progressed through approval stages to test their robustness and manage business priorities.

Progress Tracking

Milestones are included to break ideas down into manageable chunks, making it easy to see if you will hit your key deadlines.

Reminders and Reporting

Personalised updates and actionable insights are included in the reporting and direct to your inbox. Track progress on what’s important across the entire business in real time.

When to use Actio

Drive results whatever the situation.

Businesses have different areas that need focus, Actio can be used in many applications in businesses all shapes, sizes and stages to help drive performance, productivity, innovation and growth.

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