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Our Story

The Problem

Through their experience in business, the Actio team saw how difficult it was to capture ideas across the business from people at all levels and how difficult it was to keep track of what was important and unlock clear business potential. They saw first-hand key ideas slip behind, fall through the cracks completely and a lack of new ideas emerging resulting in lost productivity, stifled innovation, growth and performance.

The Solution

They knew there had to be a better way and set about creating a simple solution that focuses an entire business around achieving its goals and priorities in a single platform. This solution was built around these key requirements:

  • Easy idea capture with value and risk focus across the business
  • Approval flow to test robustness and help manage business priorities
  • Milestones to break activities down into manageable chunks
  • Clear individual priorities to drive accountability, ownership and delivery
  • Alerts, reminders and reporting that makes sure ideas don't slip through the cracks
  • Standardised and business wide visibility on a cloud based platform that is simple and accessible
  • The ability to incentivise and motivate people with great performance being recognised & rewarded
  • Ultimately a solution that means no more meetings, calls, catch-ups or spreadsheets to know where things are at!
The Outcome

The result is Actio. A platform that helps businesses increase pfofitability through productivity, innovation and growth by focusing the entire business around achieving it’s goals and priorities in a single platform. Actio helps deliver results today and capture new innovative ideas to fuel the future

The Founder

Gareth Lash

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