Here are some common questions to help you get started.

Actio is cloud based business management system that focuses organisations on the important aspects of their business, unlocking existing enterprise value and facilitating future growth. It is a simple tool that gives a business wide view of value generating and business critical activities, their progress and who is responsible for their delivery.

Because Actio focuses the entire business around achieving its goals and priorities in a single platform:

  • It’s easy to prioritise & track progress on what’s important
  • Clear focus on activities that move the business forward
  • People are clear what is expected of them
  • Clear accountability & ownership drives engagement, delivery & recognition
  • Valuable ideas/activities are easily captured and acted on

Broadly speaking if it’s important to deliver for the business from a value generating or risk management perspective then load it in Actio. If the idea or activity is business as usual and repeated regularly then it probably is part of your day to day businesses processes so does not need to be.  

For example, completing monthly reporting is a business as usual process is probably is not useful to include. However, implementing a new monthly reporting process by using a new accounting software would be.

You can change your password by clicking on your name at the top right-hand part of the screen and by clicking on ‘Profile’. On the Profile screen click on the ‘Update Password’ button and follow the prompts.

If you forget your password just go to the login page and click on the ‘Forgotten Password’ link. You then enter your e-mail address and a reset password link will be sent to you.

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