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Actio is simple to use, with a standardised and business wide structure, so your experience is seamless and you focus on the right things.

Idea capture

Quick and easy capture of ideas by business category

Ideas are easily presented, captured and collated from all areas of the business. There is no such thing as a bad idea, so people are free to load ideas where they think they can do things better. 

Approval flow

Ideas are prioritised through the approval flow

Ideas are progressed through approval stages to test their robustness and value, and to better manage business priorities.

Progress Tracking

Monitor key activities in real time

Milestones are included to break ideas down into manageable chunks, and to help monitor progress across the business. It’s easy to see if you will hit your key deadlines.

Detailed Reporting

Standardised and business wide reporting

It’s easy to track progress on what’s important across the entire business in real time. Analyse activity by business category, team member and delivery time. Actio provides personalised updates and actionable insights in the platform and direct to your inbox.

Personal Dashboards

People are clear what is important to the business

Actio provides personal dashboards to drive clarity. Clear accountability & ownership drives engagement, delivery & recognition.

Reward and Recognition

People can be rewarded and recognised for their ideas

Reward & Recognition for great ideas and delivery can be easily aligned and recognised in Actio. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, lunch with the boss or a share of the value generated. Actio provides the platform to ensure your people receive that reward & recognition. This helps motivate them to deliver those key projects and to come up with more new great ideas in the future.


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